Unveiling the future of Child Safety solutions

This week, we revealed the third generation of comprehensive child safety platform – Northstar. Magnasoft CEO Bobbie H Kalra described Northstar as “a web application designed to empower school authorities to manage their transport-related information” explaining it to be an integrated platform that protects children.RA Grani

In his comments he also revealed plans of reaching out to 5 million students in the future and highlighted Northstar’s presence and reach in the US, UK and India with plans of its further expansion to South Africa, Africa and the Gulf.


Northstar, taking child safety to a whole new level

We recently unveiled an in transit child safety SAAS platform that protects school children commuting to and from school.ir-leasing.ru

Magnasoft CEO Bobbie H Kalra highlighted that over 200 schools & more than 4 Lakh parents in the country are using Northstar and mentioned its sophisticated technology as fleets of buses are managed conveniently though an interactive dashboard manned by administrators on their tablets.inFOLIO Research Group

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Northstar dons a new Avatar


Every great company starts off with a simple idea. A need to be fulfilled, most often personal. Same was the case with Northstar. As parents, we spend energy and time worrying about our children, when the same time can be utilised for something more productive. Nowadays, most of us are constantly juggling several things at the same time, and yet, there’s always that nagging thought in the back of the mind about where our children are and if they’re safe. That’s the reason Northstar was born.parent

At Northstar, we decided to use our expertise in geo-innovations as well as our obsession with technology to come up with a product that will make the lives of today’s parents and children a lot easier.

Months of work, re-work, endless cups of chai and going back to the drawing board brought about Northstar.

So we have been busy. Getting 200 schools and 400000 parents to experience Northstar. We keep innovating and constantly tweak the code, in our constant need to give you a safer, simpler world.

And that’s why it gives us great pleasure to re-introduce ourselves as Northstar 2.0. Bigger, better, yet simpler.

So what’s new with this update? Parents, we heard you when you said you sometimes receive SMSs several hours late. So we fixed this by building messaging right into the new app, with In-App Notifications. Not just that, our new App shows you exactly where the bus is on the map and helps you track the entire route in real-time.

“Click, zoom, re-route and you are done”

Schools can also look forward to a groovy new dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of all the buses, so you can swoop down to that bus which broke down, and send reinforcements even before the panic calls start coming in. Click, zoom, re-route and you are done.

All android users, download the all new app here. Those on iOS, click here.

As always, do write to us with feedback on how you like our App. We’d love for you to rate us on the App Store as well, so do spend a few minutes telling us how you feel. It is now time to go back and don our superhero avatar, so over and out!