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Our journey began in 2011 when Northstar’s founders Shyam and Bobbie got together with the vision to build a world-class product’s company out of India.

After investing several months in research to find a deep enough and large enough problem to solve, they found “Child Safety” in the K-12 space a real world value to be unleashed. Being parents themselves, they jumped at the idea and began working with their first school.


Northstar hit the commercial market in 2012. Ofcourse the terms GPS and “tracking” were not new to the industry with many ‘system integrators’ trying to position the same as a safety solution. Northstar was different and had to prove the point! It was not long when Northstar emerged as the leader driven by our passion and credo of “ Keep Children Safe”.


2013 was the year when Northstar came off age. We launched an Android Application for Parents and Driver Merit system to encourage safe driving habits.

Soon, Northstar’s popularity was soaring, as 40 schools adopted Northstar Child Safety Platorm.


2014 was a year of growth and expansion. We got two large international customers and added 126 schools in India.

We also launched Northstar Netra which is an integrated video surveillance system and Transporter Application for Transport Managers and Fleet owners.


Northstar today monitors over 200,000 students across 160 schools in cities across India including Delhi, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Raipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam. Over 400,000 parents depend on Northstar to be continuously informed of their child’s whereabouts and safety. Apart from the Indian market, NorthStar technology powers safety in schools in the Middle-East as well as Africa.

Today, Northstar employs some of the world’s best product engineers that research on deep sciences to solve issues pertaining to child safety and deliver “peace of mind” to parents. The number of parents, schools, bus contractors and governmental agencies that have embraced our credo and adopted our technology to safeguard their children reflects this.


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Bobbie H. Kalra

Bobbie H. Kalra

Co-Founder & CEO
Shyam Ramamurthy

Shyam Ramamurthy

Co-Founder & CTO

Bobbie has 20 years of global entrepreneurial experience with a proven track record of building successful technology ventures. He comes with the right blend of business acumen, innovation, technology and leadership skills that he has acquired over the years. With deep focus on driving and achieving both top line and bottom line targets year on year, his experience spans across international sales, marketing, operations and finance.

Bobbie started his career in 1995 by founding an ITES company and merging the same with Magnasoft after raising VC funds from Global Technology Ventures, the investment arm of the Coffee Day Enterprises.

Since Magnasoft’s inception, he has served the company in various leadership capacities. In his previous role as VP- Sales, he was responsible for developing and managing the company’s sales operations across 4 continents.

In 2009 after taking over as CEO of Magnasoft, he co-founded Northstar along with Shyam.

Northstar is incubated and funded by Magnasoft.

Shyam comes with 25+ years of proven industry experience as a technology leader, team builder, product architect, developer and innovator spanning a vast range of technologies and domains including internet, enterprise, mobile, embedded and real time control systems.

Prior to founding Northstar, Shyam led engineering and product management for Yahoo display advertising platforms with over a billion dollars in revenue. Earlier, he led global engineering teams for with over 350 million unique users and half a billion dollars of direct revenue. He also led global engineering teams for mobile-web experiences for all of the Yahoo media network and for Yahoo
. He is passionate about building and running deeply technical, driven and enduring engineering teams with leaders of high IQ and EQ. He enjoys using technology as an enabler, to build cutting-edge global internet, enterprise and mobile products that delight users. He enjoys transforming small or large teams (100+) into high performing teams with an innovative culture and mindset.