School Bus Safety Video

As a parent, you might think your child is completely open with you and keeps you informed on all the important aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, more often than not, children do not share everything with their parents, and this is especially true when they have been mistreated or abused.

Parents should encourage their children to openly speak about issues such as bullying, mistreatment which the child might consider to be, too embarrassing to discuss. Most children are usually bullied while they are on the school bus. While most children would defend it as harmless fun but without adults around to supervise their behavior, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. If your child has become more reclusive and does not want to travel on the school bus, there is a good chance that he/she is being bullied.

Providing a safe environment for children should be top priority for schools. While parents bear that responsibility at home, it is the school’s job to bear that responsibility from the moment the child is picked up till the child is back home. Children must be shown bus safety videos so they realize certain kinds of behavior is unacceptable on the bus and see the potential dangers involved.

Using technology to help create safe zones for kids is the best bet. Northstar’s integrated bus surveillance system includes bus safety videos that are streamed live from the school vehicles. So, school management can constantly keep an eye on the children traveling and ensure nothing untoward happens to them. Parents will also be able to get access to the footage if they feel their child was mistreated.

How does this School Bus Safety System Work?

Once Northstar’s Netra is installed in the vehicle, it captures the raw video feed, bus location and device details. It transmits all the information to over a secured server to the cloud, which can be viewed live, on demand in any computer in the school with authorized access. This live feed can also be downloaded for use as evidence.

What are the Advantages of Northstar School Bus Safety Videos?

  • Live streaming of everything happening in the school bus
  • Helps create a safe, protective environment for children
  • In case of molestation, harassment or bullying, videos provide solid evidence
  • Dual antennae ensures better signal reception
  • Videos can be remotely managed from anywhere
  • Video starts recording once the vehicle ignition is turned on
  • Integrated system and compact size allows easy set up and operation
  • Allows management to track buses as well as children at the same time
  • Rugged, anti-vandalism design which is built for use in buses