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With a lot of emphasis on child safety by parents, the importance of having GPS tracking for school buses has become the need of the hour. Schools need to place the security of their students as one of their top responsibilities. The installation of a school bus tracking system is highly recommended, firstly to give parents a way to track their children and secondly, to prevent the occurrence of any malicious incidents.

When the school bus is nearing the bus stop, a message is sent automatically to the parents in that area and they can come to the pickup stop on time. This saves time for both parents and children. The transport manager can use the school bus tracking system to monitor the driver to ensure he isn’t over-speeding, going off-route etc. School bus safety is as important as safety on school campus as several incidents happen only in school buses. Cameras in school buses not only prevent children from bullying one another but it also prevents the driver from allowing strangers on the bus, stealing etc. Cameras are an effective deterrent to anti-social behavior. Technology can help facilitate safety in several ways, it is time schools implemented such measures to safeguard children.